Financial Audit of Construction Companies in Dubai, UAE

Audits of construction companies in Dubai and the UAE go beyond checking compliance with guidelines and specifications. This includes pre-construction and planning reviews. The audit covers the entire construction process, with a strong emphasis on cost reduction.

The checklist for internal audit of construction companies in UAE includes risk management planning. This includes checking invoices and ensuring industry best practices are adhered to. This also includes financial control. certified internal audit in Dubai experts responsible for keeping a project on track and managing risks. High costs can be the result of increasing risks. To meet the needs of clients or investors, it is important to hire an auditor as your business grows.

Auditing and project launches

UAE companies need to hire reliable internal audit service UAE team to supervise large construction projects in the planning phase. This allows for more input from third parties and more oversight of large investments or new types. Auditors can create policies to control additional expenses, billing, compliance, and more by starting from scratch. This allows potential problems in construction plans to be identified and corrected before they are completed. If not properly thought through, a glass wall can be too expensive.

Internal audit process for construction

The scope of the services rendered and the period in which the firm is hired determine the scope of an audit. Internal Audit Companies in Dubai will monitor billing and construction costs to ensure the project stays within budget and on schedule. An auditor can also inspect the site for possible ways to improve efficiency or tilt the construction process to address environmental factors such as weather delays or delays due to municipal building regulations. Your contractor will usually direct the construction site and make any necessary changes. An auditor can verify that engineers make good decisions and that contractors do not direct their efforts in a way that could lead to higher prices.

Audits offer a high return on investment

An auditor in Dubai can ensure that a construction project is delivered on time. Delays can lead to higher costs if a contract is extended. It is crucial to manage time. A construction project audit provides a high return on investment because it aims to keep costs low and complete the project on time. An experienced company can provide a construction audit guide.

Additional audit services may be included in the quoted price. For construction, many companies combine audit and cost separation studies. These studies can be used to help you reclassify assets to improve depreciation rates, tax savings, and your overall profit.

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Structural assessments of projects

A construction audit does not only look at the financial aspects of a project, but also at safety and constructive elements. This audit may also include an inspection of finished areas and materials to ensure all contract elements are followed. Inspection of materials could reveal that beams were made of cheaper wood or that the ramp used to deliver the goods was not designed with the correct slope for loading and unloading the goods. Before the municipal code enforcer performs final inspections, independent inspectors check more technical aspects of the construction.

What problems can construction companies anticipate?

Accountants from different states may be more focused on certain issues than others. Here are some common issues that may arise during an audit.

Property that is installed vs. property that is not installed

If real estate is delivered to work but not installed by the contractor, it can be considered a sale of tangible personal property. The transaction is not considered an increase to real estate. This is because the “machine” or equipment being installed is not an accessory to the construction and is not intended to perform any function:

  • Match current edits to important documents
  • contracts
  • Billing Documents
  • Change orders

Important to remember that the contract is the primary document used for tax determination. If a contract is not verbal, billing documents and change orders should be treated as primary documents. These important documents must be compared by accounting to indicate that the sales tax may not have been calculated and paid correctly.

Are the contractors paid tax or not?

Accountants want to confirm that contractors are only responsible for taxes on purchase costs and that all purchases have been properly paid for. The contractor’s responsibility must be accurately documented in the operating expense records.

Cost only

Cost of installed materials and retail prices for non-prescription purchases

The material costs and the invoiced price for luminaires

If they don’t match, that’s a red flag for the auditor.

Resale Certificates

Auditors must determine whether the applicable sales tax is the buyer’s or the sellers’ liability. Accountants in Dubai and the UAE must obtain a copy of the resale certificates from the seller where the contractor is the buyer for any purchase. The auditor may contact the seller to request copies of certificates if the contractor’s records are not complete or in order.

Costs include costs and supplies

The auditor must be able to see if the contractor is not correctly charging tax-paid supplies and expense items in the expense account, rather than being included in the material purchase.

Fixed assets and expense items

It is important to be aware of the accounting method used for transactions where material is taken from inventory for personal use. This is another red flag.

How UAE Internal Audit Firms Can Help You

If you’re involved in construction in business, construction auditing is arguably one of the most critical functions in streamlining your business, and we can help you make it that way. Let’s chat and discuss how our certified in-house accounting firm in Dubai can help you.

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