Five found dead in Duluth . home

Says a story from the Duluth News Tribune, “Five people, all believed to be related to each other, have been found dead in a house in the East Hillside neighborhood Wednesday afternoon. … During a search of the property, the Duluth police found five dead people and a dead dog in the house. Their names will be kept secret until family members are notified. The person who was the subject of the welfare call check is believed to be one of the deceased.

MPR’s Tim Pugmire says: “Governor Tim Walz says he won’t call a special session if lawmakers don’t get their work done on time† The 2022 session ends on May 23. Lawmakers are considering many proposals to spend the state’s $9.25 billion budget surplus. But the state budget will remain in balance for another year, so absolutely nothing needs to be done. Walz said at an event in North Minneapolis on Wednesday that lawmakers must do their job. ‘The legislature does what the legislature does. They wait until the last minute,” said the DFL governor. “I want to be very clear, there is no special session. We’re not going to make Minnesota taxpayers pay per diem.”

Also in the Star Tribune, Greg Stanley writes: “A great horned owl, stricken with a deadly disease, is still alive. The adult female begins to eat, behave and sound almost normal at the University of Minnesota’s Raptor Center in St. Paul. † The bird’s recovery is a rare sign of hope for what’s happening in the wild, as the flu strain has almost always proved fatal to owls, eagles, hawks and other birds of prey† … The last major bird flu outbreak in Minnesota in 2015 devastated poultry farms and backyard chickens, but never caused significant death in the wild. This spring, poultry farms are again suffering massive losses, but the widespread death of wild birds is a new phenomenon. The Raptor Center alone has confirmed that 16 owls, 13 bald eagles and seven red-tailed hawks have died from the virus.”

This from Jay Kolls at KSTP-TV, “The person who wrote threatening emails to all 13 members of the Minneapolis city council on Easter morning could face multiple felony charges, a former US attorney told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS. The author indicated that he was willing to place bombs at the houses of each of the councilors. “Well, it may be terrorist communication between states where there is a threat of violence,” said Tom Heffelfinger, a former US attorney for Minnesota. “And there it talks about weapons and the possible use of a bomb that is a weapon of mass destruction, for example.'”

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Also in the Star Tribune, Paul Walsh writes:A Minneapolis man has been jailed for more than 15 years for a series of violent carjackings over a five-month period in the Twin Cities that prosecutors say was just a fraction of a years-long crime wave. Jeremiah L. Ironrope, 25, was convicted Tuesday in US court in Minneapolis after pleading guilty to carjacking and using, carrying and brandishing a firearm during a violent crime. … The carjackings, five in total, began on July 26, 2020 in Maple Grove and continued through Christmas Day of that year in St. Paul.”

Says Elizabeth Shockman of MPR: “A report from the state health department has found: a pattern of chemical exposure in children across the state. The study was launched in 2018 in response to community concerns about children’s exposure to air pollution and pesticides or chemicals in well water. Groups of children in northern Minneapolis and three counties in north-central Minnesota were included in the study. According to results released earlier this year, some of those community concerns may be justified.”

Courtney Godfrey of FOX 9 reports: “After cutting ties with the Minneapolis Police Department two years ago, the city’s park administration is making a U-turn† At a Wednesday evening meeting, a governing committee voted to repeal a resolution that cut ties with city officials after George Floyd’s murder. Members of the committee moved to withdraw after discovering that the move threatened to cancel several major events… The withdrawal of the resolution was passed by the committee on Wednesday by a 4-1 vote. The repeal is expected to be passed by a full vote within two weeks.”

At BringMeTheNews, Joe Nelson says: “It hasn’t been 70 degrees in the Twin Cities since October 19, 2021. That seems like a long time ago…because it was. Six months even (we did the very hard math for you, you’re welcome). But that unfortunate run could finally come to an end. That is because it will be 70 degrees on Saturday, so after no less than 185 days our stupid streak will come to an end

Mary Divine writes in the Pioneer Press: “Violet Cable was on her way to Perkins in Hudson, Wisconsin for lunch with her grandfather on Tuesday, when she saw what appeared to be a major typo. There on the big blue sign outside Walmart, the store’s name was misspelled as “Walmarrt.” … One theory among Hudson residents is that part of a newer sign was ripped off during a winter storm, exposing an older sign underneath. It has been a topic of conversation on social media in the Hudson area since midwinter.”

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