Flu clinics are back at DPV Health

Flu season is back with a vengeance, with Victoria already registering 886 cases this year.

and Whittlesea residents can do their part to protect themselves as much as possible by getting their flu shot before winter.

Free flu vaccines are now available to eligible residents at DPV clinics in Broadmeadows and Mill Park.

Children up to the age of five, adults 65 and older, pregnant women, people six months and older with medical conditions are eligible.

dr. DPV Health’s Hegarty said there were more cases of flu in the past month than in all of 2020 and 2021.

“After two quiet flu seasons, we expect a lot of flu cases this year,” he said.

“The best protection against getting the flu is the flu vaccine, and all children, teens and adults who are at risk for serious illness from the flu should get an annual flu vaccine.”

People who visit DPV Health to receive their COVID-19 booster can get their flu shot at the same time.

“DPV Health is well stocked with the flu vaccine; and it is available at our Broadmeadows and Mill Park medical centers,” said Dr. Hegarty.

“I had my flu shot last week, as I do every year, and I highly recommend it to anyone who might qualify.”

For everyone else, a private flu vaccination is available for $20.

Details: dpvhealth.org.au or 1300 234 263.

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