Foxtel Meets Broadband Users’ Need for Speed ​​with New Wi-Fi Modem

Foxtel’s new modem supports the Wi-Fi 6 format which increases speed and supports multiple devices at once.

A lot has changed in the last two years, and one of those things is the demand for reliable, high-speed, high-capacity broadband.

Australian households increasingly need faster speeds, and the ACCC reports that more than 6.4 million NBN customers have now upgraded to plans with downloads of 50 megabits per second or more.

But the full benefits of that speed boost are only available with the right modem.

Cameron Wheeler, Foxtel’s head of product management, says growing demand, along with changes in how Australians use the Internet at home, has prompted the company to launch a new modem with CommScope.

Foxtel’s Wi-Fi modem has a new chipset and twice the memory of its predecessor, but, perhaps more importantly, it supports the newer Wi-Fi 6 format which increases speed and supports multiple devices that require connections at the same time.

“Wi-Fi 6 is what we focused on as a step change for the modem,” he says.

“We know how important it is for people working from home, learning at home and other people streaming entertainment at home.”

While even ultra high-definition content only requires a 15 Mbps connection, Wheeler says the new modem could help deliver many streams around a home.

“Practically speaking, every household is different,” he says. “Where people will see a difference is when multiple people are using the internet at the same time – that’s where Wi-Fi 6 really comes into play and will optimize that experience.

“It does depend that your devices are also Wi-Fi 6 compatible, but with new phones and tablets, most will support this technology.”

The company, which is partially owned by News Corp., will offer the modem for free in new 12- and 24-month bundles, while existing customers can upgrade at a cost of $140.

Foxtel is currently providing 50 and 100 Mbps speed offerings to customers, although Wheeler says it is “looking for new speeds.”

Originally published as Foxtel meets broadband users’ need for speed with a new Wi-Fi modem

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