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Star Weekly looks back through the pages of our predecessors

35 years ago

May 20, 1987

The proposed development of a $130 million shopping center in Sunshine will be a financial benefit to the municipality, according to Cr Geoff Coxon.

25 years ago

May 21, 1997

People in Sunshine live in rat-infested squalor, enduring domestic and racial violence as they wait six or more years for social housing, letters to the state government reveal.

20 years ago

May 21, 2002

Northwest residents have been “abandoned” by the closure of intensive care and intensive care units at Sunshine Hospital in St. Albans, employees say.

10 years ago

May 22, 2012

The state government’s decision to cancel elections and keep the Brimbank council in charge until March 2015 has polarized the community.

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