Gardening 101: The Master Gardener Program Helps North Texans Get Their Hands In The Ground

Not enough can be said about the Master Gardener Association here in Texas.

This organization is a goldmine of garden knowledge at the ready. They give classes all year round, conduct clinics and operate demonstration gardens. The story below shows one of their Master Gardeners, Loretta Bailey, giving an hour-long lesson on composting. In Tarrant County, Texas A&M Agrilife Extension’s Master Gardener Program has an army of more than 400 volunteers (Master Gardeners) spreading the gospel of gardening. When I first moved to North Texas, their website was my go-to source of what to plant and when.

Every year a new class of Master Gardeners is trained. This year there are 22 in the class. There are dozens of specialties in which the horticulturists can obtain additional certification. Learning and teaching lasts a lifetime.

Their website, along with Texas A&M’s website, has everything you need to know to have a successful garden here in North Texas. I follow their planting guide, read about specific crops, and have built my entire garden with almost nothing but Earth-Kind recommendations. If you have any questions, the master gardening program even has a hotline you can call for help.

I’m doing this weekly series from Gardening 101 to inspire North Texans to get their hands in the dirt like I did. The Master Gardener Program and Texas A&M Agrilife will help you make that effort a success.

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