Guardiola reduces his role in Halland’s admission

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has downplayed his influence in the inclusion of Dutch striker Erling Haaland, saying the English club’s project is enough to attract the best players.
City signed Haaland, 21, Borussia Dortmund’s top goalscorer, earlier this week, to move to the Etihad Stadium after the end of the season.

The former Barcelona and Bayern Munich coach is seen as a key player in attracting elite players to his clubs.

“The players are not coming here for me, but to play in this league and represent this club,” he told reporters before facing West Ham United in the Premier League on Sunday.

“It’s very important to think about the people, the way of playing, the size of the team, the city, the league, the expectations of playing in the Champions League in the coming seasons, many things that affect he added.

Guardiola gave examples of former stars in the team, such as Sergio Aguero, David Silva and Vincent Kompany, who spent nearly a decade with City and enjoyed great success with several coaches.

“Players don’t come for a month or a year. What we do is make them happy in the city and in the dressing room and enjoy playing in the Premier League.”

City need four points from the last two games to win the league title for the fourth time in five years.

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