Hazalqoum in “The Big Oy 6” sparks laughter and interest in Mohamed Salah

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The captain of the Egyptian national team and the star of the English club Liverpool, the Egyptian player Mohamed Salah, revealed his favorite series after Akram Hosni’s “Maktoob Alia” series which he follows in the current Ramadan marathon.
And through his account on the ‘Instagram’ website, Salah revealed his enthusiasm to follow the events of the ‘Al-Kabeer Oy 6’ series where Mohamed Salah published a video clip of a from the scenes of the series “Al-Kabeer Oi 6”, in which the character “Hazelqoum” appears. The artist Ahmed Makki embodied it, and the Liverpool star was pleased with the smiling emoji, as an expression of the situation he lives in while looking at this work.

Mohamed Salah follows the series Al-Kabeer Away and comments on one of his favorite scenes about the character Hazalqoum – photo from the Instagram video

A few days ago, Mohamed Salah unveiled his sequel to Egyptian dramas, where a few days ago he published a video clip of one of the scenes of the series “Maktoob Alia” starring the artist Akram Hosni, who sent him a message with the text : “You are very rigid, I swear to God.”
On the other hand, “Akram” published the “Astori” of “Salah” via “Instagram” and commented: “When I wake up and see the pride of the Arabs looking at me, tell me what to do?”

Salah has also interacted with previous dramas shown during the Ramadan seasons, the most prominent of which was watching the series “Ba 100 Wush” starring Nelly Karim and Asher Yassin.
The series “Al Kabeer Oy 6”, starring Ahmed Makki, and starring Hisham Ismail, Mohamed Salam, Rahma Ahmed Farag, Hussein Abu Hajjaj and many others.

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