Heather Rae El Moussa on “Ups & Downs” of co-parenting with Christina

Heather Rae El Moussa speaks out about where she stands with husband Tarek El Moussahis ex Christina Hack.

The sell sunset star discussed her co-parenting relationship with the Kristina on the coast host during a recent interview for Today All Day’s ‘The New Rules’ series.

“I didn’t talk much about this because I’m a really happy, positive person, but I felt like I was always second,” Heather explained in a sneak peek of the Nov. 29 episode. “Nobody ever made me feel this way, but I think when your other half had such a long relationship with the previous husband, and a lot of love, and it was a very public divorce, and you get into it, and you fall in love with each other , but you always think of the ex-like, for me I did.

She continued, “So I kind of had to navigate my feelings along with falling in love with a guy, raising kids, starting a whole new family and also filming my own TV shows.”

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