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For all No more heroes For fans who don’t own a Nintendo Switch, we have good news for you. While No more heroes 3 Initially released exclusively on Switch last year, the eccentric hack-and-slash sequel will make its way to both the PlayStation 4, PS5 and Xbox One/Series X in mid-October.

When an army of aliens arrives on Earth, it’s up to a retired anime fan and former high-ranking assassin Travis Touchdown to pick up his ray katana and stop these invaders from destroying the planet.

That’s a pretty crazy PITCH, but if you’ve played any of the previous ones No more heroes games before then you know that this is just the tip of the iceberg of how wonderfully weird this game will be. That’s Suda51 for you.

In Kotaku Australia’s review of No more heroes 3we called it a “great, weird game” and tailor-made for people who like “action adventures with personality and flair”. However, if you’ve never played any of the previous ones No more heroes games, then you might have trouble getting into it NMH3 because it assumes you have a lot of pre-existing knowledge.

So where can you get a cheap copy from? No more heroes 3?

no more heroes 3
Image: Grasshopper Manufacture

Looks like only a few retailers are selling No more heroes 3 for the PS5 and Xbox One/Series X – both of which cost $89.95. If you were hoping to pick up the game for the PS4, at the time of writing it doesn’t appear that Australian retailers have this version of the game in stock. Bad luck.

In terms of the cheapest price available, Amazon Australia and JB Hifi both retail for $79, with the former offering free shipping as well.

Here’s Every Australian Retailer You Can Grab Right Now No more heroes 3 from:

  • Amazon Australia: $79 + free shipping (PS5 | Xbox)
  • JB Hifi: $79 (PS5 | Xbox)
  • The Gamesmen: $89.95 (PS5 | Xbox)
  • EB games: $89.95 (PS5 | Xbox)

And if you never got around to picking up a copy for the Nintendo Switch, most retailers will no longer stock the game. Here you can still buy No more heroes 3 for the switch:

No more heroes 3 will be available October 14 on PS5 and Xbox One/Series X.

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