Horror flood deja vu as homes inundated again

Almost exactly 12 months on his family have again had to evacuate having not even got close to a full recovery.“We’d just started to get to a normal and then it’s happened all over again, so we’ll do it all again, ” he said.“The (positive) only thing you can say is that the people that went through it last time knew what was coming.”When asked about the current state of his home, Mr Davey kept it simple.“It’s wet, ” he said.Local Macquarie MP Susan Templeman said many of the people she had spoken to were battling at the thought of going through it all again.NED-5618-NSW-flood-southBut she said the people of the Hawkesbury were “tough” and having got through it once would do so it again.“I think people are feeling a mix of exhaustion, despair and always hopeful that it won’t end up being as bad as the predictions are,” Ms Templeman said.“One man said to me … and he lost everything last time and he said ‘I feel like the universe is trying to break me’.“But that was a momentary feeling and then the next second he said: ‘We’re tough, we’re going to survive this’.“It’ll be an emotional ride for the Hawkesbury today.”NED-5192-DT-App-Banner

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