How Christy Carlson Romano Inspired Her Possible Kim Character

Here’s the sitch: Christy Carlson Romano had a major impact on Kim Possible’s life.

It’s officially been 20 years since the release of everyone’s favorite Disney Channel cartoon, Kim Possible† (And Yes, we feel old too.) In honor of the show’s milestone, E! News sat down with Christy – who played as the crime-fighting titular character the entire time Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle-created the five-year series between 2002 and 2007 – discussing how it inspired many of Kim’s characteristics.

“Bob and Mark had taken some inspiration from me several times while I was expressing Kim and they developed her like a real teenage girl,” Christy said. “They were very good at trying to understand my point of view.”

She continued: “They once asked me, ‘Where, where do you shop? Where’s your favorite?’ and at the time it was Club Monaco, so they decided they would let her work at Club Banana.”

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