How First Kill puts a fantasy twist on Romeo and Juliet

Here’s something to sink your teeth into.

Netflix’s first murder is the perfect show for those looking for a dark love story with supernatural (and Shakespearean) undertones. In the YA series, teenage Juliette (Sarah Catherine Hook) and Calliope Burns (Imani Lewis) are the ultimate star-crossed lovers, both born into ancient, feuding families. To make matters worse, they both have to commit their first kill.

Calliope comes from a long line of monster hunters and has two older brothers. “Her biggest thing is just trying to prove to her family that she deserves respect as a monster hunter,” Imani explained in an exclusive promo clip, “instead of just the little teenage sister.”

While Calliope wants to feel included, Juliette tries to distance herself from her vampire family and be a “normal girl.” However, Juliette can’t just stop being a vampire, Sarah said, so “there’s all this pressure to drop the whole ‘I want to be human, I want to be normal’ and embrace this incredible matriarchy.”

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