How to see your subscribers on YouTube

If you manage your YouTube account properly, you often need to keep track of who subscribes to you. Your collective subscriber count is important, but it also helps to know who’s subscribed to you. Let’s see how to see your subscribers on YouTube.

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To see your subscribers on YouTube, you need to use a computer. Go to YouTube studioand scroll down to Recent Subscribers on the Dashboard tab. Click SEE EVERYTHING Last 90 days Lifetime


Where to find your subscriber list on YouTube

Sign in to your Google account and go to YouTube Studio.

go to YouTube Creator Studio

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In your Dashboardscroll down to the Recent Subscribers section. Click SEE EVERYTHING

view all subscribers

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In the top right corner of the Subscribers box, you will see a button indicating the time frame for the “recent subscribers” appearing below; it usually says last 90 days† Click this button.

change in all times

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In the options that appear, click Lifetime

select lifetime from the options

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The full list of people who are currently subscribed to your YouTube channel will be displayed.

lifetime subscribers

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Can you see your subscribers in the YouTube app?

Unfortunately, this feature is currently not available in the mobile version of YouTube Studio. In fact, there isn’t even one Recent Subscribers section in the app yet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can YouTube subscribers see your email?

Unless you publicly advertise your account on your YouTube channel, no.

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