I hope your Friday night was better than Zach Wilson’s

Zach Wilson was injured in the Jets preseason game

Zach Wilson was injured in the Jets preseason game
Photo: AP

Zach Wilson may have averted a serious disaster after leaving Friday’s preseason game with a pronounced limp from a non-contact injury. Head coach Robert Saleh said the franchise’s young quarterback will undergo an MRI today, but sources say he has injured his PCL again and will only be able to miss a few weeks.

There’s not much to distract from the show against the Eagles, except to ask, what’s the point of the preseason? Jalen Hurts got a late hit in the game and Philly coach Nick Sirianni rightfully lost his shit.

The only good thing that came out of Friday’s slate was finally Deshaun Watson apologized to the women he “influenced”/afraid of life. The Jacksonville public didn’t seem to care, though, as they chased him out during his three action sequences, chanting “You sick bastard.”

The Browns new starter completed one pass for seven yards, but more importantly, he didn’t burst into flames the way karma intended.

Bill Belichick was supposedly heated up after the Giants repeatedly beat the Pats in their regular season warmup earlier this week.

Apparently Brian Daboll hasn’t been told he only gets one blitz per 10 downs, then it’s three Mississippi counts until they can pressure the QB.

Aaron Rodgers doesn’t play in any of the Packers games because he sees no advantage in it, and as much as it hurts me to agree with a guy who microdosing, he’s right.

Zero has been gained from a glorified practice. Teams have an idea of ​​who they’re going to cut, and the only real drama about letting go of a largely unknown player comes from a neatly wrapped storyline on Hard Knocks.

The only reason I’m writing about it is that I need content for this post – which I think counts as a new preseason pro. So there we have it. Sports blogging and a chance to deliver an apology that should have been issued months ago are the only perks of the preseason.

And now an update on Aaron Judge

Yes, he still treats baseball with the same disdain I have for preseason football.

That 429-foot shot that left Fenway Park was his 46th home run of the year, and his campaign to break Roger Maris’ one-season record is a welcome diversion from the standings for Yankees fans. New York has dropped eight of its past ten games, including last night’s 3-2 loss in Boston, and is now a game and a half behind the Astros for the best record in the AL.

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