Incredible act of dog in burning house

A brave dog has launched itself from the window of a two-story house to escape a raging inferno in Pennsylvania, United States.

The internet has proclaimed Charlie a hot dog!

A brave dog is being praised online for his bravery after he jumped out the window of a two-story house to escape a raging Pennsylvania inferno.

A breathtaking, now viral video of Charlie’s life-threatening leap into the deep end is currently igniting the interwebs as dog lovers rejoice at the incredible “self-rescue,” the New York Post reports.

“Oh my gosh, these poor people — I hope they get the dogs out,” shocked videographer Justin Steinmetz, 40, can be heard gasping in the original, unedited 15-minute clip. The Fleetwood resident drove through town early Wednesday morning when he crossed the fire.

“I was the first on the scene,” said the Samaritan, who banged on the doors to warn neighbors of the blood-curdling disaster, as he didn’t have his phone at the time. They then called 911 and the fire service rushed to the scene.

“Shortly before 8 a.m. 4/27, the Blandon and Walnuttown Fire Departments received the first alert for a structure fire in the Borough,” the Fleetwood Fire Company reported on their official Facebook page.

That’s when Steinmetz witnessed the aforementioned pup—an apparent rottweiler pittie mix—take his incredible leap.

The action-packed footage begins with another dog, who had just escaped from the lower level of the house, going up in flames and running madly around the front lawn. The animal seems upset because his friend named Charlie is still trapped in the burning structure.

“Oh, hello puppy, come here buddy,” Steinmetz can be heard reassuringly as the dog howls. “Come here, come here – I know, your house is on fire.”

The footage then moves on to the pup in question, who whimpers miserably by an open second-floor window as smoke billows all around him. All the while, brave neighbors and rescuers can be seen below encouraging the endangered pup to jump to safety.

“Come on, Charlie!” Rescue workers called, initially to no avail.

At the seemingly last second, Charlie makes a flying jump into the arms of a rescuer below, prompting the rescuers to rejoice.

“Good boy,” they gushed, patting the brave dog, whose back seems badly scorched by the conflagration. Later in the clip, the relieved Samaritans spray off the hot dog while firefighters douse the flames. Fortunately, Charlie appeared to be doing well after the fiery encounter, although the extent of his injuries remains unclear, local news channel Mercury reported.

The clip ends with one of the home’s residents, Katie Stump, 18, holding a lucky cat named Monkey, who was “found unharmed on a lower level,” Fleetwood firefighters said. Unfortunately, another cat from Stump is missing.

Fortunately, despite initially being “hampered” by high winds, firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze. “The fire was brought under control within 30 minutes, while Fleetwood remained on the scene until 11:30 am,” the Fleetwood Fire Company reported. “The PSP fire chief was on the scene and the structure was handed over to the homeowners shortly after.”

They added: “Great teamwork and thanks to all the departments that responded and helped.”

The home’s residents, the Stump family, are currently staying with relatives nearby while their friends set up a GoFundMe for them, which raised more than $41,000 Friday afternoon. The family also posted an adorable Facebook gallery of images depicting Charlie & Co’s ongoing recovery. document.

Meanwhile, Le Femme Boutique in Allentown, with the help of a family friend, donated brand new prom dresses to Katie Stump and her sister Abby.

“They [the shop’s owner Jane Heimbecker] saw the fire last night on ABC news and called as soon as the store opened!! read an update from Thursday on the Stump family’s official Facebook page.

A follow-up post shows the siblings rocking their glamorous new dresses.

“They said YES to the dresses! I LOVE seeing these smiles so much!” page manager Kristin Santangelo. “Thank you store owner @Jane Heimbecker of Le Femme Boutique for providing these beautiful dresses and matching jewelry.”

The fire service is still trying to figure out what started the fire.

This story is published by the New York Post and reproduced with permission.

Originally published as Dog’s Incredible Act in Burning House

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