Is Delta-8 Weed Lite? Or waste?

The US Food and Drug Administration has joined the conversation about Delta-8 THC, already the subject of discussion in the Colorado legislature. By-products of federal hemp legalization, modified cannabinoids like Delta-8 THC are made by chemically converting hemp-derived cannabinoids like CBD into forms of THC, the intoxicating compound naturally found in cannabis.

In a May 4 announcement, the FDA finally issued a statement regarding Delta-8 and modified cannabinoids, and issued a warning to five different Delta-8 THC companies. “The FDA is deeply concerned about the growing popularity of Delta-8 THC products sold online and in retail stores nationwide. These products often contain claims that they treat or alleviate side effects associated with a wide variety of diseases or medical conditions, such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, nausea and anxiety,” said Janet Woodcock, chief executive officer of the FDA in an accompanying statement. the announcement: “It is extremely disturbing that some foods are packaged and labeled in a way that appeals to children.”

None of the five companies named in the FDA’s first round of Delta-8 warnings are based in Colorado, but a proposal to create a task force to study these products is still pending with the state legislature. So is controversy among cannabis consumers, as evidenced by comments on the westword Facebook post of the FDA news.

Says Preston:

Well, that sucks. I am very happy with the availability of different cannabinoids that hemp products can provide. Delta-8 is like weed-lite: still gives the effects, but doesn’t destroy my plans if I use it in the middle of the day. The variety of cannabinoids besides Delta-9 online allows me to create different blends to match what I want from them. There should be some regulations to ensure products are safe, but there is no need to ban them if we are allowed to buy pure weed in Colorado.

Offers Account:

Yet he continues to condone nonsense in our food.

Adds Ed:

The FDA has been shitting almost anything cannabis for fifty years, while allowing companies to inject ungodly amounts of sugar into any product they can get away with.

Counters Nate:

EVERY recalled drug was first approved by the FDA.

And James advises:

Learn about hemp. Hemp-derived CBD or Delta-8 are nothing more than junk. Cannabis is a drug and it is the high that heals. Don’t want to get high? Looking for something real, like THCA or THCV.

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