Is it possible to go to the dentist while fasting in the month of Ramadan?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)– Have you postponed your dental appointments during Ramadan because of fasting? You should not do that.

The official account of the Omani Ministry of Health on Twitter confirmed that visiting dentists during the month of Ramadan is considered normal and necessary at the same time, and that it does not break the fast.

It is also possible to give local anesthetics and perform oral, gum and dental treatments, but do not invalidate the fast.

The tweet confirmed that it is in fact preferable to perform such treatments in the morning period, that is, before the fasting person’s blood sugar levels drop.

And when it comes to taking medications that accompany dental treatment, they can be moved to the period between Iftar and Suhoor.

It is worth noting that visiting dentists regularly and maintaining good hygiene practices will help maintain the health of your mouth and teeth.

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