It’s Kyrie Irving’s world and the rest of the NBA just lives in it

Kyrie doesn't suffer from a lack of guts.

Kyrie doesn’t suffer from a lack of guts.
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He who has the gold, or in this case the ability to work his way through a messy paint, makes all the rules.

According to conventional wisdom, Kyrie Irving is a bad employee. He wants all the authority to make important decisions, but he also takes little of the day-to-day responsibility to make sure the organization operates at optimum efficiency. While the Nets’ other best player has been recovering from injury for a season, he said the team needed more pieces – 40 games into the season, 36 in which he didn’t play. That goes into another problem, Irving can’t count on him coming to work. Whether it was the time when he left in 2021 for personal reasons, not doing what was medically required of him to legally work in the city where he works, or just that his body can’t take it and he had to miss time due to injury.

The Brooklyn Nets have reportedly been hesitant to commit to this unreliable employee for a long time. Irving can choose the last year of his contract and earn $36.9 million. He would, of course, prefer to work out what could potentially be the last huge contract extension of his NBA career. If no agreement can be reached, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports Irving wants to be traded, but a list of the teams he wants to play in. Those teams are the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, New York Knicks, Miami Heat, Dallas Mavericks, and the Philadelphia 76ers.

No player of Irving’s caliber would be willing to be traded to any of the other 29 NBA teams, but it’s still quite a bit of gal on his part to make so many demands when he chose not to last season. in 53 games due to his refusal to take the COVID vaccine. The Nets wouldn’t be that obligated to deal with Irving, except that whatever happens to him will affect Durant’s future. Shams Charania of the Athletic reported that Durant is keeping an eye on the Nets and “considering options with his future”.

What makes this situation even more interesting is that Irving doesn’t seem to have tied his future to Durant. They both went to the Nets to play side by side and play an important role in the decision making of the organization. With the list of teams Irving is interested in – the rumor mill had already been whirling about the Lakers and Knicks – only the Knicks and maybe the Heat could make a deal to bring in both players.

Another moment for a lesson for the children. For most of them, responsibility will be the most important quality for them in the workforce. Employers want to make sure that the people they hire can trust that they will show up and do the job they were hired to do on a daily basis. That’s the bare minimum needed to keep a job unless you’re putting something else more important on the table.

Irving pushes that to the limit, of all fields, sport-† In sports, coaches pound on people of all ages that the most important skill is availability, and the next most important is to know and perform your role. Irving is not nearly as bad as a former president twice accused of attempting to undermine democracy. However, Irving was available, and when he was supposed to lead, he isn’t.

But that former president never went to jail and might go back to the job, and Irving’s going to set his odds on where his basketball future will take him in the coming weeks, and it’ll make him about as good a salary as you can make in the NBA.

For most of you kids, you’d better get to work on time and do what your job requires. For some of you blessed with talent, connections and/or excellent manipulative skills, you will go much further in life because then you make the rules instead of following them.

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