it’s time for a new golden age of culture

The most recent budget delivers the latest in a long series of blows to Australia’s arts sector. For the good of the nation, it’s time to fund artists.

(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)
(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

Ireland has just announced it will be providing 2000 of its nation’s most promising artists a weekly income of €325 (A$500) to help them produce exciting content for not just Ireland but the whole world.

This decision stands in stark contrast to the parsimony of the 12th richest nation in the world, australia. Instead of supporting our arts sector, the government has just brought down a horror budget where $190 million (or 19%) was stripped.

This comes on top of a decade of cuts and neglect that has seen per capita investment drop 18.9%, artists’ incomes fall by 19%, the ABC having its annual budgets eviscerated by $783m, free arts education in schools hollowed out, and a more 2% of Australian content on streaming services. (For the full catalog of horrors, check out the Creativity in Crisis report written by Dr Ben Eltham and Alison Pennington.)

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