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Kate Hudson’s sons can certainly play! The actress posted a video of her boys Ryder and Bingham jam in the garage to the Deftones tune “Be Quiet and Drive” on Tuesday, August 16. Kate, 43, was clearly super proud of her children’s musical skills! The brothers also clearly had a blast playing with their family band, and they definitely nailed the ’90s tune.

Ryder, 18, played electric guitar and head banged a bit as the tempo picked up in the song. Bing, 11, is a natural drummer and he got some great fills as they got to the end. When they were done, Ryder let out a scream and Bing cheered, “Yes!” as he raised his sticks in the air. Drew smiled from behind the camera and said, “I love you. That was the best.”

Kate holds Bing in hand in August 2016. (Shutterstock)

It seemed like the impromptu jam session was a bit of a letdown for Ryder before he went to college. “My boys. What more could a mother ask for than boys playing rock and being hilarious at the same time? [Ryder] what a good big brother. We’re going to miss you terribly,” she wrote using the hashtag “Off to College.”

Kate’s oldest son Ryder is getting ready for college. (Shutterstock)

It should come as no surprise that her sons are incredible musicians, as both their fathers are rock icons. Drew had Ryder with her ex-husband Chris Robinson in January 2004. Chris is best known as the lead singer and guitarist for The Black Crowes, and he also has his own share of solo projects. She shares Bing with her former fiancé Matt Bellamy, who is also the lead vocalist for “Knights of Cydonia” rockers Muse. Kate’s youngest daughter rani, 3, is probably too young to join the family tie, but considering that her father and Kate’s fiancé Danny Fujikawa is also a musician, she will probably be a natural like her brothers. Not to mention that Kate is also a singer, having appeared in the hit musical series cheerfulness for several seasons.

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