Labor lags behind in Brisbane seat

Labor is losing its grip on the Brisbane seat, while the Albanian government hopes to win other voters to expand by an expected majority.

The Greens have come closer to claiming Brisbane’s seat under new figures comparing the top three candidates.

The Australian Electoral Commission released new data Friday showing Brisbane and Macnamara voters in Victoria have an unusually preferred status for three candidates.

In Brisbane, Greens candidate Stephen Bates is 606 votes ahead of Labor hopeful Madonna Jarrett.

Outgoing Liberal MP Trevor Evans admitted his defeat on Saturday as despite leading the three preferred candidates, he is unlikely to keep his seat.

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In Macnamara, incumbent Labor MP Josh Burns has a narrow lead over his Greens rival Steph Hodgins-May, with Liberal candidate Colleen Harkin trailing behind.

Liberal candidate Andrew Constance is 253 votes ahead of incumbent Labor MP Fiona Phillips in Gilmore’s NSW electorate, with the postal vote slightly in favor of Constance.

The committee had Labor with 75 seats against the coalition’s 59, the Greens with three seats and 12 on the cross bench.

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