Labor remains preferred party, Albanese’s approval ratings lift despite receiving backlash for being ‘too soft’ on China

The Coalition’s primary vote has lifted one point to 35 per cent, while Labor’s support has remained steady at 41 per cent, according to the latest Newspoll.

Labor has remained as the preferred party with a six per cent lead, while Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese’s approval has lifted despite receiving backlash for being “weak” on national security and “too soft” on China.

In the latest Newspoll conducted for The Australian, the coalition’s primary vote lifted one point from the last survey to 35 per cent, while Labor remained steady at 41 per cent.

Mr Morrison is still the preferred prime minister on 42 per cent – a one per cent fall on last newspoll. Mr Albanian lifted two points to 40 per cent.

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The Prime Minister’s approval rating lifted three points to 43 per cent and dissatisfaction with his performance fell one point to 55 per cent.

Mr Albanese’s approval rating rose four points to 44 per cent while his disapproval ratings fell three points to 43 per cent.

The latest Newspoll shows the two party preferred split of 55-45 per cent in Labor’s favour.

Mr Albanese’s net satisfaction rose from zero to one, While Mr Morrison’s net satisfaction level rose four points to negative 12 per cent.

Earlier this month, Mr Morrison declared that while the Coalition has stood up to China, Mr Albanese cannot be trusted to deal with economic coercion.

China’s global propaganda outlet Global Times endorsed Mr Albanese to succeed Mr Morrison as Prime Minister, adding he would be an uncharismatic but “safe” leader.

“Albanese is a cautious person and politician. He is not an intellectual. He has demonstrated a propensity to believe the US view of the world without analysis,” the outlet wrote.

“He is not a lateral thinker, he is not creative, he will not be a charismatic leader. He will be a safe leader, if not an ordinary leader.

“Nonetheless, in comparison to Morrison, he positively shines, such is the abysmal state of Australian politics.”

But the Opposition Leader hit back at the suggestion that China wants Labor to win the federal election, saying national security was “too important to engage in game playing”.

Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party received four per cent of the popular vote, topping Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party – at three per cent -as the largest minor party after the Greens.

The Greens lifted a point to 9 per cent and a further 8 per cent voted for other.

The latest Newspoll surveyed 1,525 voters nationally between February 23 to 26.

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