Labor to charge electric vehicle use

Labor has pledged to double the Commonwealth’s $250 million Future Fuels Fund and create a new Driving the Nation Fund to accelerate the introduction of electric vehicles.

A Labor government will build more charging stations for electric vehicles and establish a Driving the Nation Fund, if elected in May.

Leader Anthony Albanese said the Labor party’s official campaign launch will close the gaps in Australia’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

“That means you can drive an electric vehicle across the country – from Adelaide to Perth, from Brisbane to Mount Isa,” he said.

“Imagine a future where you don’t have to worry about gas bills. We can get there, but we need the government to lay the groundwork for it.”

Just under $40 million will be set aside for construction and it will be matched by the NRMA.

Up to $80 million will also be spent on a national hydrogen highway refueling network, building 16 stations on Australia’s busiest freight routes.

The government’s $250 million Future Fuels Fund will be doubled and a Driving the Nation Fund will be established to enable the Commonwealth to co-invest in additional EV chargers, as well as hydrogen and biofuel refueling infrastructure .

Exempting some electric vehicles from import tariffs and additional tax will also reduce withdrawal costs, says Mr Albanese.

“We will make it easier and cheaper to make your next car electric,” he said.

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