Lawyer will try to move trial of escaped Alabama convict

FLORENCE, Ala. † A lawyer for an Alabama inmate who was the subject of a national manhunt after he escaped with the apparent help of a prison official said he will request that his trial be moved to another city.

Mark McDaniel, an attorney representing Casey White, said he will seek another location to move both his upcoming murder trial and the separate escape case to a new location. When Casey White disappeared, he was awaiting trial on charges of murdering a woman in 2015.

McDaniel said he has also received threats for representing White.

“At this office today and at my home, I have faced a number of threats, physical threats and threats to property. Let me say this to the people who do that. That won’t make… bit of a difference,” he said. McDaniel said it was his duty to give White the best defense he can.

Casey White and jailer Vicky White disappeared from the Lauderdale County detention facility on April 29, sparking a manhunt that drew international attention. The two were captured in Evansville, Indiana, on May 9. Officials said Vicky White died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

McDaniel said he was unable to discuss the details of the case. “We have a story to tell,” he said, but added: “This story will be told in court.”

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