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We have mail.

We received the following email in response to last week’s review of Detroit’s Bar Pigalle restaurant.

Is that a serious article? How the hell do you write a review of a restaurant without mentioning the chef? Have you ever done this before? I know staffing is difficult these days…especially for washed up rags….but not even mentioning the chef in a half-hearted review of a new establishment is comically amateurish. Amateur is a French word… maybe the friend who did it in high school can help you define it. Bye.

—Lowell Ahee II of St. Clair Shores

Editor’s Note: We’ve added the chef’s name and background to the online version of the article.

And now for a palate cleanser…

Dear Lee: In 2015, you wrote a piece about my late husband’s car design drawing exhibit at Lawrence Tech. The first line has been my mantra since his death in 2018: “If artist and collector Robert Edwards had his way, classic cars would be one of the treasures on display at the Detroit Institute of Arts.” Robert got his way. It was a pleasure to read the sequel MT story this week about the new division of the DIA, generously funded by the Harris Foundation, which will feature 91 works from our collection. Thanks for the great story.

—Julie Hyde Edwards

Thank you, Julie. We’re going to cry now.

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