Live Updates Socceroos vs UAE: Australia in Do-or-Die World Cup Qualifier in Doha

Australia has been a mainstay in the men’s World Cup finals for nearly two decades, but their streak could come to an abrupt end against the United Arab Emirates, who are looking to qualify for their first tournament in more than 30 years. .

Win in Doha and the Socceroos reach the final stage of this extended qualifying campaign: a one-time winner-takes-all game against Peru.

Win and they get a shot at qualifying against Peru, which they captured in Russia, lose and it’s back to the football wilderness.

So which one will it be? Follow ABC’s live coverage below.

Live updates

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Audience Commentary by Haidarr J

It is calm here in Doha and neither side is scoring.

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Mooy now moves further up the field and tries to squeeze through some defenders, but the ball pings around and drops into the arms of the keeper.

Cameron Atfield is all of us right now.

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Sorry, fam. Something weird happened in the live blog setup so I can’t post your comments in my feed. Will use the rest to find out. But hello to both PJ and Natty! What have you made of the match so far?

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40′ angle

Aus drives a nice ball from the corner via Mooy into the penalty area, but the excellent goalkeeper of the UAE Khalid Eisa Almesmari punches him away again.

He was another key player for his country in qualifying and looked very confident tonight.

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38′ Mooy cut

While he hasn’t played much lately, Aaron Mooy hasn’t been too bad as the lone linchpin at the midfield base. He’s kept his cool and done his job, but you can tell he’s lacking a bit of sharpness. You would like him to hold his head up and try to send some slice passes forward instead of going back that much.

Audience Commentary by Natty

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34′ UAE counter immediately

The left side is visible again.

“The Socceroos need corrective surgery on that side,” Harps says.

Mat Ryan does a brilliant job of making himself big at the nearest post and the shot is deflected away from him and away.

My God.

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Goodwin stands over a free kick on the left and sends a nice curling ball behind the UAE defence.

Kye Rowles rises highest and throws himself for the ball, but his header goes just wide.

Audience Commentary by PJ

More updates please – reading clandestinely under the covers

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32 ‘Afraid of failing?

Andy Harper notes on the broadcast that the Socceroos seem more interested in protecting their own goal than actually going to hell for leather, which is what you’d expect from a high-stakes game like this.

Or maybe those high stakes are exactly why the players are hesitant to expose themselves.

You feel that the Socceroos are not supported by the history of which they are a part, but rather weighed down by it.

I am reminded of the England men’s national team during the European Championship and the tactics their head coach Gareth Southgate used to free them from their past.

The past can be helpful, but it can also be a nuisance. I hope that’s part of the discussion after qualifying, regardless of tonight’s outcome.

Audience Commentary by Natty

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Abdalla Ramadan Bekheet does a Goodwin and skis it.

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26′ Free kick UAE

Kye Rowles appears to put in an excellent sliding challenge on Caio Canedo from the right, but the referee awards a free kick.

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24′ Craig Badwin

Australia delivers a rare overload down the left wing behind the UAE defenders, with left-footed Craig Goodwin giving acres of space to look up and send a pin-point cross into the penalty area…

…but he definitely strings it into the stratosphere and across the field.

Come on, Craig. We know you’re better than that.

By Samantha L

23′ Arnieball

Football Twitter doesn’t like Australia’s regression to a more conservative style of play. There are a lot of side passes and attempts to go around the UAE rather than through it, despite the fact that we have some talented central midfielders (cough Hrustic cough) hanging around. I’m not sure if this kind of football is going to get us where we want to go.

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As we have seen a few times, the UAE has found space in the left wing behind Atkinson via Abdalla Ramadan Bekheet. He drives to the sidelines while the Socceroos hold off, then shoots a ball into the forest of legs, hoping for a lucky deflection.

But fortune falls in our favor and it is deflected.


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The gap in the midfield

There’s a huge rift that seems to appear repeatedly between Mooy and the more forward-looking Irvine and Hrustic, which probably isn’t wise given how soon we know the UAE could transition. We’ve seen them stroll through the midfield a few times before sending balls in. That space needs to be tighter.

As The Brain Thinker on Twitter so aptly put it:

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10′ 0-0

There are no goals for either side yet, as they provoke and investigate.

What did you make of the first ten minutes, friends? Positive signals? Weak points? Leave your comment below!

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Number 21 from the UAE, Harib Abdalla Almaazmi, on the left is absolutely fast. He covered half the field in a matter of seconds, with centre-back Bailey Wright getting off the track quite easily. That early speed test will give the UAE the confidence to get behind Atkinson on the counter, you would think.

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