McLachlan faces day five of the court grille

Craig McLachlan will be questioned for the fifth day in his case for defamation over media reports of sexual assault and harassment on The Rocky Horror Show in 2014 and other productions.

As the actor’s whims continue Monday, the NSW Supreme Court jury has already heard seemingly conflicting statements from McLachlan, 56, about whether he kissed or touched actresses during the 2014 show without their consent.

While the Gold Logie winner has denied certain allegations reported by ABC and Fairfax in January 2018, he has admitted to jokingly kissing Christie Whelan Browne, 39, on the hips during a bedside scene with Rocky Horror.

He has also admitted that he allegedly gave a “greeting kiss” to another actress Erika Heynatz, 47, in her dressing room and later sat on her lap and kissed her neck in the green room of the theater, saying that she had similar ” vampire” had done. kisses” to the cast and audience during the show.

On Friday, defense attorney Michael Hodge painted QC McLachlan as a powerful and angry actor who threw tantrums, screamed and physically assaulted cast members.

Hodge said the actor had threatened to put music supervisor Tony Castro in the hospital after one of his songs was interrupted.

McLachlan is also charged with yelling and kicking a garbage can after being asked to wear a wig, and calling other cast members “a bunch of untalented and ungrateful bastards” after actor Tim Maddren, 38, made his appearance during a bedside scene in the stage production. from 2014.

McLachlan, who is Dr. Frank N Furter on the show has denied allegations that he grabbed Whelan Browne’s face and threw it to the side during the performance. The actor has made his own accusations against Whelan Browne, saying she bullied Heynatz over a dressing room feud between the two women.

Texts from McLachlan in June 2014 show the actor referring to Whelan Browne as “Lucifer” and “selfish, delusional, disrespectful and downright nasty”. Despite this, the actor insisted that his friendship with the actress had not soured over the course of that year’s production.

Another actress, Angela Scundi, claims the protagonist shoved his tongue down her throat during a performance on the show’s final issue while playing Columbia.

McLachlan denies that the song’s tempo and lyrics left time for anything other than “quick cock,” mimicking it multiple times with his partner Vanessa Scammell for a Channel Seven interview on Spotlight that aired last May. .

Footage from a show in Perth played for the judges shows the actor kissing Columbia for a few seconds in the middle of the text.

“Mr. McLachlan, we can see it. It’s not a snapshot, right?” asked Mr. Hodge.

“It’s an achievement, Mr. Hodge. It’s not a passionate kiss. It’s not a passionate kiss,” McLachlan replied.

The actor is suing ABC, Fairfax and Whelan Browne for libel over publications in January 2018 regarding claims of misconduct during the 2014 production of The Rocky Horror Show and other productions.

He has accused Whelan Browne, Heynatz and Scundi of approaching the media for fame or money.

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