mental health and production

There is no doubt that the stability of countries, their superiority, the quality of their production and their advancement among nations is due to that stability at the level of the inner sense of the individual, since it is the first stimulus for all that he Therefore, the developed countries worked to provide every opportunity in an effort to stabilize the psychological dimensions of their citizens. This is not far from the role of the Kingdom to continue to pay attention to trying to grant decisions, facilities, exemptions or subsidies and open all entertainment venues as it knows how this affects long-term perseverance, seriousness and even competition – but not far – in this modern renaissance that it lives And its citizens live it, despite the economic, political and even social shocks the world is experiencing.

Therefore, the concern for psychological stability is one of the drivers of this production. The urgent question has always been: how do we increase production levels? How do we innovate? How do we excel? How do we document our creativity under any psychological pressure?!

They are all questions that may seem easy or fleeting, or words on the writing desk and in conference rooms and giving recommendations! But in fact, as a whole, it constitutes a stick in the wheel of leadership between countries, if not implemented. Each of us has ambition, as well as the state, and each of us has desires, as well as institutions, and each of us has goals, as well as strategies, but most of them must be based on the degree of psychological stability of the individual.

In our time, with scientific and technological progress and the expansion of knowledge horizons, the individual waves are surging in a sea of ​​knowledge known only to those who know how to extract success, scattered on the edges of thorns or with a little ingenuity and think ahead! Success is no longer easy, verification is no longer easy, grasping knowledge is no longer easy, and holding on to values ​​is no longer easy. Which in most cases leads to what is called in psychiatry (psychopathy)!

Therefore, what we see of tension, wars and global economic crises, we may not realize the magnitude of their impact on global production, which also shows the impact on local and regional production. Wars and their impact on the level of psychological stability is what most countries are now shouting about. Not only the steering wheel of the product, but also the stability and psychological health of those who drive it. The first mover is the individual for the institution, and before this we saw the big countries and their big institutions, how each institution studies the mental health of its members in a scientific way, as well as the extent of the relationship between the employee and his boss, and between individuals and some of them, until it reaches. study their problems outside the field of work and work to solve them to ensure the psychological stability of workers to achieve quality assurance in production, and the pleasure of work is the most important axes, which is extremely important, because mental illness makes us ultimately lead to low production levels, and it can lead to physical illness, says Sawsan Shaker Majid in her book “Mental Health and Types of Mental Illnesses”: “The World Health Organization has defined health in general as a state of physical, psychological and social well-being, and not a state of absence of disease. And only double. This indicates that mental health is essential for overall health. Mental health is defined as a state of well-being that allows an individual to realize their abilities, adapt to the natural stresses in life and work productively and fruitfully, as well as contribute to their community.

In light of all this, these mental illnesses are generated and spread among us, starting with anxiety and ending with psychosis and neurosis.

We may not realize that mental illness has become the crisis of time that surrounds us and we don’t know, anxiety, tension, headaches and depression at all levels are common among us like cold or flu without paying attention to the seriousness of the consequences for work, production and family stability, as we must realize that mental health is a very important matter, for any success, excellence, progress, as well as production.

The big problem is that when each of us is called before him about mental health or the psychiatrist, he takes refuge from it, hides what he is suffering from, and when he goes to a psychiatrist, he goes to him secretly and with shame please!

Is this a flaw in us or a lack of our cognitive tools? Or a social block of this concept?! I think the latter is the gist. dr. Adel Karani, medical director of the American Psychiatric and Neurological Center, states, “Some statistics indicate that the percentage of people with depression is between 12 and 20 percent, and that 5 percent suffer from stress and anxiety.”

This is a large percentage that this will affect production, excellence, aspirations and creativity in every field, and we look forward to launching into spacious spaces and freeing ourselves from the shackles of poverty, ignorance and disease of psychopathy in the beginning, and the constant and panting search for oneself, relentlessly and without verification; So the self is lost in favor, and the proponents of extremist ideology exploit that quest for the paradise lost that only comes with suicide, and we believe that the behavior of these suicide bombers is nothing but a quest for salvation from what they suffer from mental illness at the beginning!

Therefore, we can say: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become aware of this issue and has adopted it in its entirety of its strategy by emphasizing the importance of psychological stability for individuals and workers, despite the spread of high prices around the world .

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