Metro Phoenix Coffee Shops Provision and Peixoto Now Have Second Locations

Coffee lovers around the valley rejoice. Two highly anticipated coffee shops finally have opening news to share.

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Order at the bar surrounded by lush greenery at Provision on Missouri Avenue.

Tirion Morris

An Arcadia-area favorite, Provision Coffee now has a second location in uptown Phoenix. In the East Valley, Peixoto has expanded from Chandler to Gilbert, with a new cafe opening in a few days.

Here’s what you need to know about the Valley’s newest coffee destinations.


Open from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. daily
711 E Missouri Ave, #115

Provision Coffee started in 2011 as the project of friends Dan Suh and Lawrence Jarvey. Over the years, it has developed into a cafe in the Arcadia region that sources coffee and tea from all over the world.

With the help of its exceptional coffee, Provision steadily grew a large following, and people fill the cafe in the Arcadia area to catch up with friends, work on their laptops, and enjoy passion fruit lattes. The popular but small cafe often gets pretty full, but now customers can stretch out at a brand new Provision location.

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The new location of Provision is located in a modern, multifunctional office complex.

Tirion Morris

Located on Missouri Avenue just off Seventh Street, the new cafe offers three floors where customers can find the perfect cozy place to sit. Currently, as the cafe is still in the soft opening phase, the top floor has yet to be furnished. But sneak up the stairs for a peek at the expansive views of Phoenix’s northern mountains.

The new location also has a more robust food menu than the original, with well-known favorites such as avocado toast and pastries paired with pizza and sandwiches for lunch. Stop by the new place to admire the towering plant wall, multi-storey murals and contemporary decor with a delicious cup of coffee in hand.

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Julia Peixoto Peters serves up a true crop-to-cup experience.

Peixoto coffee


Opening September 27
3150 East Ray Road, Gilbert

The Peixoto family has been growing coffee in Brazil for over a century. The rich history and richer coffee made their way to Arizona when Julia Peixoto Peters, along with her husband, Jeff Peters, opened a coffee shop in downtown Chandler in 2015.

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Choices galore at Peixoto Coffee.

Peixoto coffee

Over the past seven years, the trendy black-painted coffee shop has gained a fan base, thanks in part to its impressive rotation of popular seasonal menus. Favorites include the summer special Blue Monsoon, a latte made with lavender and blueberries, and the salty and sweet Kettle Corn Latte for fall. It also doesn’t hurt that the basic coffee itself is excellent, rich, creamy and bursting with flavor.

Soon, fans and customers in the East Valley will have two options for getting their Peixoto fix. After years of construction, the new cafe in the Epicenter development at Agritopia is almost ready to open. Restaurants and shops have steadily opened up in the new multifunctional housing development. Peixoto plans to welcome its first customers on September 27.

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