Microsoft is here to rescue Tesla employees from Elon Musk

Yesterday, Tiana Watts-Porter, Technical Recruiter at Microsoft, made a rescue call on LinkedIn to invite Tesla employees to escape the chains of the desks and factory floors at Tesla.

In a now-deleted post directly mentioning Tesla employees, she stated:

“Here at Microsoft and our affiliates LinkedIn and GitHub, we offer ALL OPTIONS!!! You can do things your way and be yourself here at Microsoft! †

And if that means working from home in your pajamas, that’s fine and dandy.

The invitation follows a series of leaked emails and follow-up tweets from Elon Musk saying goodbye to remote work. With Musk’s earlier insistence that Tesla is a tech company, many are wondering why he is going against the trend of remote working.

Other CEOs are crazy

Unsurprisingly, the news drew scorn from CEOs and industry professionals:

Yes, that’s THE Grady Booch.

Not all roles require you to be in the office during zoom conversations

To say the obvious, Tesla builds physical things. No one is suggesting that workers can indulge in industrial welding from the comfort of their apartment,

But making cars isn’t just about working on the assembly line — roles such as design and engineering use software to build vehicle concepts and systems.

Likewise, marketing, business development, accounting, HR, finance and countless other functions do not require an office.

It’s fun to hear commentsy on the productivity of someone who spends a lot of their time talking rubbish on Twitter.

At least 40 hours?!

Let’s not forget that Musk admits in the email that he works his employees overtime and states that they must work “at least 40 hours”.

He notes, “This is less than we ask of factory workers.”

Damn, what’s the max then?

And if we look at factory floor jobs, I don’t want people who do dangerous jobs with robots and machines to be overworked and tired.

Unsurprisingly, Tesla is getting a lot of pushback, with German unions representing the newly opened Brandenburg Gigafactory offer to support local workers

Tesla employs about 4,000 people in Germany from about 99,000 worldwide.

“Americans are lazy”

Last month, at a conference hosted by the Financial Times, Musk spoke, where he told those present

“There are just a lot of super talented and hardworking people in China who strongly believe in manufacturing. And they won’t just burn the midnight oil. They will burn the oil from 3am. So they won’t even leave the factory type.

While in America people try not to go to work at all.”

Elon also shared on Twitter that all employees use the same toilets.

I don’t care if Elon wants to spend his life in a factory that sleeps on the floor as a one-man solution to bring the IT and OT staff together.

He could absorb any cold hard floor with his pile of money. But what about work-life balance for parents, caregivers, pet owners, and anyone who just wants a life outside of work?

Do we want this to become the norm?!