Morrison promises big technical deadline for online safety

Prime Minister Scott Morrison today pledged a crackdown on major tech companies to help protect the mental health of young people.

Morrison, who campaigned in western Sydney, said tech giants would be required to build enhanced security controls into their devices if the coalition is returned to government in this month’s federal election.

He said the policy was aimed at protecting the mental wellbeing of young Australians.

Scott Morrison
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that tech giants will have to build better security controls into their devices if the coalition is returned to government. (Nine)

“The isolation that many people feel when dealing with mental health is something I think so many Australians across the country have often felt for the first time during the pandemic. And it put enormous pressure on our country. Busy .”

Morrison said the coalition would give tech companies a 12-month time limit to implement the changes.

He said he drew on his wife and Jenny’s experience as parents to two young daughters in pushing for the changes.

“As a parent, Jenny and I know that kids are ahead of you when it comes to technology. They know how to handle everything else. That’s just real life. We live like everyone else. What we want is safety by design .”

Morrison compared the responsibilities of technology companies to car manufacturers.

“When you make a car, it has to be saved by design. And so are these tablets and devices… The companies have a huge responsibility to make sure the world they create online is safe and they need to do this. do by design.”

Hundreds of millions of devices are at risk.
A renewed pledge to pass anti-trolling laws was part of the Coalition’s online security package. (delivered)

It would be vital that the new technology be easy for parents to use and difficult for children to get around, Morrison said.

The e-safety policy includes $23 million for schools to improve teacher education, $10 million to improve access to services by victims of online abuse, and a renewed pledge to pass anti-trolling laws.

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