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Amberlie Cameron-Smith has quickly established herself in the Ardeer community through her work with the Sunshine College school board and the Sunshine Heights Cricket Club, as she tells Matthew Sims.

What is your connection with Brimbank?

I have lived in the west of Ardeer for about 13 years. My husband Phil and I moved in close to my mother, who had moved here about five years earlier. My connection to Brimbank is quite recent, as we didn’t grow up in the west, but we are very happy that my daughter Charlie (12) and my son Alexander (14) grew up here and attended Kellie O’Connell Kindergarten , and then to Mother of God Primary School in Ardeer. My community in Ardeer is something I am now deeply rooted in. My son Alexander is on the under-15 cricket team and my husband played in C Turf and Veterans. I am now on the Sunshine Heights Cricket Club Committee as part of the Welfare Subcommittee. In terms of my job, I teach Zoom classes in Certificate III in Business for the Suzan Johnston Training Organization so that people can get a support role in the office.

What do you like about where you live?

There are many things I love. In Ardeer, my family and I like to hike the Kororoit Creek Trail and we have a nice local green space in Ardeer Community Park. I love that there are Ardeer-focused Facebook pages where community members can discuss issues and activities. Another thing we like is that Ardeer and Brimbank has local producers. For example, our honey is made a few blocks away and is delicious. I love that we have a wide range of access options to public transport. I enjoy being as actively involved in the community as I can, including serving on the Sunshine College school board as a parent representative. It’s still fairly new to me, but what I love about it is that as a parent it reinforces that the school has good intentions for our children. Being on the school council has really reinforced that for me. I like to give the council the perspective of the parents and to support the school in their vision. I also appreciate the cultural diversity of the area and I am so happy that my children grew up in a community that is diverse and inclusive. That is an essential part of society.

What would you possibly change about your place of residence?

There are many things that are great in Ardeer, such as the Kororoit Creek Trail and the bike paths, but I would love it if there was a bike path/walkway up to Forrest Street that connects Ardeer to Derrimut and Deer Park. That could tempt people to walk or drive between the areas. Any improvements to green spaces and places where young and old can meet, create, exercise and relax would only benefit the community. I know my mom would love a local bus service that stops before or after the Sunshine station at Sunshine Market Place and Sunshine Plaza.

Where is your favorite local place to spend time?

As I mentioned, the Kororoit Creek Trail is one of my family’s favorite places to hike, especially with all the recent improvements. We often walk to Sunshine and Albion and get a bahn mi or bubble tea there or visit Sadie Black Cafe, Selwyn Park or Sunshine Social on Glengala Road. There is so much diversity in places to visit be it for food or activities.

Tell us something that people would be surprised if they knew about you.

I like to dip my Vegemite toast in honey tea. When I was younger, I entered dance competitions, did high school musicals, and auditioned for the Johnny Young Talent School. I studied drama in college, but soon realized I couldn’t act. However, I was an extra in the background of a scene in Muriel’s Wedding. I think it was during the talent show scene at the resort. It was so exciting and it felt special in that moment. I got to see how the filmmaking process worked and got to see Toni Collette early in her career. In the end I really became entrenched in the Ardeer and Brimbank community and I love it here.

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