NBK advocates a balanced distribution of mental healthcare

Abu Dhabi: Salam Abu Shehab
Members of the Health and Environmental Affairs Committee of the Federal National Council called for a balanced distribution of mental health services in all regions of the country, in order to facilitate patient access to these services. Explain that some regions and cities do not have mental health services.
And they said in a parliamentary report, of which Gulf News got a copy, that the committee members came to this conclusion while preparing a report on the policy of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, on mental health, as it has field visits to government hospitals, in addition to committee meetings with government sector representatives, and the local and local seminars, and the panel discussion they conducted, to learn about the level of mental health service and the level of care provided to patients.
Naama Al-Sharhan, the second deputy chairman of the board, chairman of the Committee on Health and Environment, said: There are great efforts, appreciated and grateful for what we observed during our field visit and the results of the meetings that took place, the field visits and the discussion panel To build communities and families, a discrepancy was observed in the type of service provided to psychiatric patients in health facilities, leading to some patients not benefiting from psychological treatments and increasing pressure on mental health departments in hospitals. And the psychological factor has emerged significantly after the “Corona” pandemic. She pointed out that in some emirates there are specialized facilities for treating mental illness, while in others there are no units. The need to work towards achieving equality in health services provided to psychiatric patients calls for the efforts and initiatives developed by the Department to achieve equality among health authorities engaged in mental health services.
Somaya Al-Suwaidi said: During our visits to a number of government hospitals, we have found many achievements that we are proud of in the field of mental health, but there are some challenges that we have to face. During the field visits, we noticed the lack of a balanced distribution of mental health services in all regions of the country, and there is a shortage of psychiatric wards and clinics, which has resulted in some patients not benefiting from psychological treatment services, as well as the challenge to close child psychiatric clinics in some hospitals because of the lack of specialists.
She said: We hope to see many results in the next phase in expanding mental health in all emirates of the country. She emphasized the importance of having a psychiatrist in every health center to whom the situation was referred before things escalated through health centers in order to resolve many mental health issues.
Shatha Al-Naqbi said: Through the discussion by the axis committee of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, in expanding the scope of comprehensive and integrated mental health services and promoting the prevention of mental disorders for members of society, the commission noticed an inequality in the distribution of health services, but we have a number of treatment centers, which were not well distributed between emirates. There is an increase and pressure on mental health departments in hospitals and a lack of health services in other hospitals.
Representatives from the Ministry and the Emirates Foundation for Health Services said: With regard to the establishment of specialized centers and units, there is more than one school, more than one mechanism and more than one method, and the work of the Foundation is limited to certain frameworks with which it tries to provide the best service within the framework available. The Ministry and the Foundation are trying to reach the owner of the service, and this was one of the challenges we faced at the time of the pandemic, and we have provided a “Speak to hear you” helpline, in addition to the telemedicine service. The Foundation has also placed mental health at the top of its priority list and strives to provide a comprehensive and integrated system, delivered in a sustainable, healthy environment, and to enable the greatest number of clients to benefit from these services.

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