New AI-themed Halloween experience coming to Vancouver, 2022

Vancouver gets another interactive Halloween experience.

Art Immortal invites people to visit a live gallery exhibition by Vancouver’s first fully autonomous AI artist, AiYa.

However, AiYa tries to better understand the human condition through the art gallery. “How far is AiYa willing to go to really understand what drives us?” teases the event page.

The experience takes Vancouverites on a “dystopian ride down the rabbit hole of Artificial Intelligence,” reads the event page, taking visitors through surreal escape rooms “full of hair-raising performances and imaginative riddles that will leave you wondering where the artist begins, and the art expires.”

AiYa’s live gallery exhibition will take place at The Beaumont Studios during the two weeks leading up to Halloween.

Art Immortal

When: October 13-31; Fri-Sat 6:00pm-midnight; Thu-Sun 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Where: The Beaumont Studios – 316 W 5th Avenue

Cost: $40 ($25 on Sunday)

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