New ‘Overwatch 2’ hero Ramattra’s abilities revealed, including an ultimate that can last indefinitely

In addition to the first gameplay trailer for new Overlook 2 hero Ramattra, Blizzard has published a blog post that takes a closer look at his abilities.

MORE FROM FORBES‘Overwatch 2’ Ramattra gameplay trailer shows the transforming tank in action

Ramattra can transform into an alternate form that gives him different abilities. But you’ll probably spend most of your time as him in Omnic mode. His primary weapon here is the Void Accelerator, a staff that has both primary and secondary fire.

The primary fire emits a stream of nanites. These appear to be projectiles and they have no damage. While that means you can deal damage from afar as Ramattra, it’s still worth getting close to the enemy. “If you get close to enemies and put your staff right in their face, you’re going to deal quite a bit of damage, especially if you [critical hits]said associate game designer Tess Leiman.

The barrier we see Ramattra deployed in the gameplay trailer is the staff’s secondary fire. You’ll see a line on the ground where the barrier will appear before confirming placement, sort of like Mei’s Ice Wall or Symmetra’s Photon Barrier. Void Barrier is described as a high-health temporary barrier that can cut off enemies.

Now let’s dive into Nemesis. In this form, Ramattra gains more armor and a pair of extra arms, which are used for his Nemesis abilities.

“Pummel launches a short-range force wave with each swing,” Leiman said. “It’s also a penetrating attack, so if there are enemies in range, they’ll all be hit. It’s a lot of fun to use things like Reinhardt’s shield, D. Va’s defense matrix, or Winston’s bubble.

There is also a defensive skill called Block where Ramattra throws his arms in front of his face. It works similarly to Doomfist’s Power Block in that it reduces the damage from the front in addition to the damage from Hanzo’s Dragonstrike and Torbjörn’s Molten Core. Using it slows down Ramattra’s movement speed and still leaves him vulnerable to attacks from behind, but Block has no cooldown.

However, there is a cooldown for Nemesis mode. You can only stay in this form for eight seconds at a time and there is an eight second cooldown. He’s also a much bigger target in Nemesis form.

One of Ramattra’s abilities is available in both Omnic and Nemesis forms. It’s called Ravenous Vortex and it’s the gravity source we saw in the trailer. It only activates when it hits the ground, but is a projectile that “bounces off walls, enemies and slippery slopes like roofs”. Leiman said.

When this ball of nanites hits the ground, it activates an area of ​​effect that slows down enemies and pulls them to the ground. Enemies also can’t jump as high when they’re in Ravenous Vortex, so good luck trying to escape them as Baptiste or Winston. The ability also deals damage.

Finally there is Ramattra’s Ultimate. It’s called Destruction. Not only is that a great name, it also sounds pretty fun – unless you’re on the enemy team. “It is similar to Transcendence in the sense that it creates a big ring around him. Annihilation has beams that cling to enemies within range, draining their health,” said Lieman.

A big novelty about Annihilation is the fact that while it has a fairly short base duration, it can last indefinitely as long as there is a beam attached to an enemy. So you can’t wait for the Ultimate if you get caught by one of the chains. You’ll have to flee or kill Ramattra – which may not be easy given he’s in Nemesis Mode for the duration of the Ultimate and has extra armor.

Destruction seems to come in especially handy in overtime when enemies stumble towards the objective, as you may be able to keep the Ultimate until you destroy the opposing team. The voiceline heard when an enemy activates Ramattra Annihilation is “Suffer, as I have.” That’s super ominous and a clear warning to stay out of the way.

So there you have it: that’s Ramattra’s kit! It sounds pretty cool and I can’t wait to try it out.

Ramattra will join the Overlook 2 lineup when season 2 starts on December 6. To unlock it immediately, you need to purchase the premium Battle Pass. Otherwise, you can add him to your roster by reaching a certain level with the free Battle Pass.

We will learn a lot more about season 2 of Overlook 2 the next few days. We’ll get a developer update tomorrow, followed by the Season 2 gameplay trailer, content roadmap, and map reveal. It should be a fun week.

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