No Starlink IPO until at least 2025, predicts Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s Starlink is unlikely to see an IPO until at least 2025 and even that time frame is tentative, the billionaire entrepreneur admitted.

On Tuesday, CNBC reported that Musk, the world’s richest man and CEO of Starlink’s parent company SpaceX, issued a memo to employees with his predictions about when the satellite internet service might see its own IPO launched. According to Musk, that outcome depends on the stability of the company’s future operations.

“I don’t know exactly when that” [IPO] but maybe it will be — I don’t know, I’m guessing — in three or four years,” Musk said at a SpaceX staff meeting on Thursday.

Musk’s assessment is consistent with his earlier prediction that Starlink would not go public until it had more predictable cash flow. Last June, Musk posted on Twitter that it would be public sooner “very painfuland that it would be years before it reached a point where it was suitable for an IPO.

Starlink, currently operated by space research company SpaceX, allows users to connect to the Internet through a satellite dish placed on or near their property. From there, the internet is beamed down through Starlink satellites orbiting the Earth.

Musk has made it clear that he sees Starlink’s satellites playing a central role in his space exploration ambitions. He has said that Starlink would be a critical source of funds for his plans to send travelers to Mars and that it would allow much more internet coverage for distant communities that may not have adequate access.

To date, Starlink has launched more than 2,000 functional satellites into orbit and offers services in 32 countries. Most recently, Starlink has proved to be a crucial tool during the war in Ukraine, where it has helped keep the country connected to the internet in the face of electronic warfare coming out of Russia.

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