NYC has a new Doggy Directory of dog-friendly places

The furrier residents of NYC will be making more appearances as the weather warms up this spring and thanks to a new “Doggy Directory,” it’ll be easier to know just where to take them.

It can be difficult to find out which places allow dogs inside and taking a guess can ruin your plans. That’s why having an idea of ​​the best things to do with dogs before you head out is always recommended.

The NYC Doggie Directory, by Dog Spotted, an online source for expert advice on training, grooming and the care of dogs, does this too by showing more than 200 places in NYC that are dog-friendly, including breweries, restaurants, parks, stores , bars, coffee shops and more.

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All you need to do is head to the Doggy Directory and click on “Dog-Friendly Places” to pull up the pages-long list. You can filter by location, activities, and type of location, from parks to hotels.

For instance, Five Boroughs Brewing Co. in Brooklyn and Boris & Horton, which has a doggy comedy show, are great places to take your dog, which you can see in photos on’s webpage for each place. The page also lists what each company is, where its located, what is unique about it, contact information and any menus.

You can bookmark these dog-friendly locations, share them with other dog owners and get directions from these pages. You can also use this same directory to find veterinarian offices. Dog Spotted says it’ll be adding new places each week to build up its directory.

“Before Dog Spotted, people would spend hours on Google, Yelp or poorly managed websites to decipher the information, services, and dog-friendliness of a business,” said its founder Jamie Ruden. “Dog Spotted has solved that problem.”

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