Opening IV bars in coral facades with vitamin cocktails and shots

Someone probably jokingly told the bartender to forget the glass – just put that drink right in their arm.

There’s a new place in Coral Gables that takes it one step further. The only difference is that a visit to the bar is designed to leave you feeling refreshed rather than hungover.

Texas-based IV Bars offers intravenous infusions of vitamin cocktails that claim to boost energy and immunity and even make your skin look younger.

Almost all infusions start with a “Myers’ cocktail” blend of vitamins C, B12, B complex and magnesium – named after Dr. John Myers, who administered vitamins to patients to help various ailments. The other cocktails build on that formula. Cocktails cost from $100 to $300 and take 7 to 45 minutes to administer, depending on the infusion you choose.

Andrew Magarino, IV Bar general manager, says everyone comes by, from athletes looking to get some pre-game energy to those needing a life after a long weekend of partying. “Everyone comes here for different reasons. We have nearly two dozen different cocktails to help you with whatever you’re trying to achieve.”

For example, the “Allure Plus” claims to help brighten skin, give you a mood boost, and help systemic inflation, Magarino says, adding, “That’s a popular one.” There is also the “Venus”, which claims to help with fertility problems; the “Clarity” to help with brain fog; and the “Metabolizer” to reduce hunger cravings.

According to Magarino, the most popular infusion is the “Immune Plus,” which adds glutathione and zinc to the Myers cocktail. “Right now, while COVID is still making its way through our population, it’s huge,” he adds, claiming he’s even had post-COVID people say they got their taste back after the IV cocktails.

If you prefer ‘shots’ over ‘cocktails’. IV Bars has those too. These also come in the form of vitamins or supplements rather than the tequila or whiskey type.

Magarino assures you that the end result will be worth it, even if you’re squeamish about needles. “I like to refer to this woman who comes in every two weeks. She literally faints every time from fear of the needle, but she comes back because she feels the benefits.” He says staff are there to reassure customers if they feel anxious.

Professional nurses or paramedics administer all cocktails. Magarino, who worked for many years as a paramedic for fire stations and hospitals, says working at IV Bars is a welcome relief from the hectic pace of his previous profession. “Being here is a breath of fresh air for me and for everyone who works here.”

Magarino also says he likes that this is a place of preventive care rather than emergency care. “When I come out of healthcare and work in hospitals, I see people taking care of themselves. It’s very satisfying.”

IV Bars has also expanded COVID security measures. “When a customer comes in, we do a temperature check. We record vital signs. And we ask people to wear masks.”

Magarino says IV Bars will bring a bus to events such as marathons. (No word on music events and food festivals, but it seems like a good fit.) IV Bars will even make a house call – just in case you were too hectic on Saturday night.

IV rods. 1410 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables; 786-536-7857; Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm

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