opinion | UFOs, Trump and Twitter, and Biden 2024: Your Questions, Answered

It’s that time of year when we invite listeners to send in questions, and I answer them on the air. And as usual you delivered. I’m joined by my producer Annie Galvin, who asks me some of the most intriguing questions of the many we’ve received: Is climate change a reason to forgo having children? What would happen if Trump were allowed to return to Twitter, in the event of an Elon Musk takeover? Should Biden be driving again in 2024? Is wakefulness killing the Democratic Party?

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We also discuss the recent Congressional hearing on UFO sightings; whether it is a good thing that so many talented young people are going to work in the advisory, financial and corporate law sector; the worryingly anti-institutional orientation of the Republican Party; why the government is failing to deliver on liberals’ policies and promises – and how to start solving that problem; whether Americans’ distrust of institutions is justified; why I could use some recommendations for a good reading chair; and more.

(A full transcript of the episode will be available on the Times website in the afternoon.)

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