‘Outrageous, hateful violence’: Woman swung around by hair in terrifying attack

Theo Teveen Troy Murray, 32, was living next door to his former partner when he not only assaulted the woman, but also choked the former lover and committed a burglary offense in January 2021.The unprovoked, protracted, “outrageous violence” left the woman with injuries to her nose, mouth, torso and legs and she now suffers from sleepless nights, night terrors and difficulty trusting people.Judge Jeff Clarke described the assault on the housemate as “outrageous violence” and “hateful”.Murray was on parole, a suspended sentence and subject to a probation order at the time of this offense.Murray pleaded guilty on March 11 to one count each of assault occasioning bodily harm, burglary, choking and breaching a domestic violence order for the protracted incident on January 29, 2021 Crown prosecutor Maryam Yousufzai said Murray had been in a relationship with the male victim for two years and a protection order was made in July 2020.She said Murray had been placed on a suspended sentence for an incident where he hit the male victim over the head with a wine bottle, leaving the man with an indent and scar on the top of his head.’He dragged her down the entire flight of stairs’Ms Yousufzai said Murray had also stomped on the victim’s arm during that incident.She said in another incident that month, Murray kicked the back door in after the male and female locked themselves in their house.He chased the male victim who locked himself in a bedroom, yelling at the man “get the f— out here c—”.The female warned Murray three times that he was breaching the DV order and that police were on their way.The January 29 attacks started with the woman going outside to feed her cat about 6pm and she heard yelling between the two houses before Murray jumped the fence.Ms Yousufzai said the woman was scared and ran upstairs, locking the back door to stop Murray from entering.“She was scared he would hurt (her housemate),,” she said .Murray charged at the woman and she put her foot out to st on him reaching her, with Murray going backwards before attempting to charge at her again.Ms Yousufzai said Murray yelled at the female victim “let me in white c—. I want to talk to (male victim)”.She said the woman went to again push Murray back with her foot and he grabbed her leg.“He dragged her down the entire flight of stairs,” Ms Yousufzai said.She said the victim was face down when pulled down the stairs, with her dress ripping and her skin exposed to the stairs.Ms Yousufzai said once at the bottom, Murray grabbed the woman by the arm and flipped her over onto her back.She said he then kicked her chin and dragged his foot along her face while he was wearing thongs.The woman sustained injuries to her nose, insider lower lip, stomach and legs.CM domestic violence helplinesAs the woman was being assaulted, the male victim heard the commotion and ran to watch while calling emergency services.Ms Yousufzai said the male victim turned away while talking to the operator and when he turned back, Murray was in the room facing him.She said the victim placed the phone in his pocket.Ms Yousufzai said Murray told the male victim to tell his female house mate to “F— off. I just want to talk”, calling her derogatory names.She said the male victim told Murray he would talk to the woman and he would talk to Murray outside the house.Ms Yousufzai said the victim followed Murray as he headed outside.She said once Murray was out the door, the victim slammed the door shut on him and barricaded himself in his bedroom and resumed talking to the operator on the phone.Ms Yousufzai said Murray kicked the back door and the male victim could hear him opening it.She said Murray then broke into the male victim’s bedroom.Ms Yousufzai said Murray grabbed the man by the throat with his right hand and used his other hand to grab the phone and throw into a cupboard, causing it to smash and be inoperable.She said Murray then threw the victim down onto the bed where the victim was able to use his hands to push Murray back and get him off his body.Ms Yousufzai said the victim then ran away, located a second phone and called emergency services again.Meanwhile, Murray returned t o the female victim.“He swung her by the hair and flung her down onto the grass,” Ms Yousufzai said.Murray then headed back upstairs to the male victim and chased him into a room.Ms Yousufzai said while the male victim was on the bed, Murray grabbed his throat by both hands, applying pressure until the victim couldn’t breathe, holding it for 30 seconds and causing the victim to feel “light-headed and start seeing stars in his vision”.She said he only stopped applying pressure on the victim when his cousin came over from next door and pulled Murray off the victim.Domestic violence: The silent crisis affecting Aussies in lockdownMs Yousufzai said Murray was arrested that day and “gave police a self-serving version”.She said the male victim had not supplied a victim impact statement, however the female victim did and described a life full of sleepless nights, night terrors and having difficulty trusting people.Defence lawyer Maree Willey said there was no excuse for her client to jump the fence and do what he did.“There’s no doubt this was a particularly frightening experience for both victims,” she said.One of eight children, dad died when he was 6Ms Willey said her client was one of eight children with his father dying by suicide when he was six-years-old and he was then raised by his grandmother.She said his mother died from cancer in 2012 and his grandmother died in 2018.Ms Willey said Murray was introduced to volatile substances by peers at school and started using methamphetamines when he was 19, which he used more after his mother’s death.She said after school, he did four months work experience with QBuild, then worked for Logan City Council cleaning and mowing before caring for his mother for two years before her death. Ms Willey said Murray was working as a kitchen hand at the Kalka Palms Hotel Motel prior to being incarcerated.Judge Clarke said Murray’s criminal record showed his behavior had escalated since 2017 and he had been placed on probation 10 times. He said Murray’s passive aggressive stance indicated he was not remorseful.Judge Clarke ordered Murray to a four year prison term, ordered he serve the full two months of the suspended sentence concurrently, declared 111 days presentence custody and set parole eligibility on May 19, 2022 .

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