People share how to make some quick money in Vancouver and easy jobs to land

A little extra money never hurt anyone! Especially people who live in Vancouver and are trying to afford the sky-high rents.

It’s not always easy to get a job, so one person asked a Vancouver Reddit thread for advice on how to get it done — and fast. The Reddit user wanted to find a job quickly, with a minimal application process, so that sooner or later they could take home some money.

They asked, “What are some places in Vancouver where you can find work right away?? Is such a thing even possible??? Where they just hire you right away with just one short short interview?”

Anyone in town who wants some extra cash, a part-time job, or a full career switch should check out some of these jobs.

Seasonal functions are a good route for some quick work.

You could spend your summer on the ocean working for BC Ferries.

Many people suggested going to an employment agency, which often allows you to make quick money with minimal qualifications.

You can’t really talk about making money fast without mentioning OnlyFans at least once – right?

Working in a restaurant seemed like a go-to – from washing dishes to serving at fast food chains.

There are some big events coming to Vancouver this summer, which means they need people to work with them!

When in doubt, contact Uber. If gas prices are a little too high to justify driving, try a bicycle delivery service.

Time to get to work, Vancouver!

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