PM arrives home after talks with Indonesia

Improved ties with Indonesia would allow Australia to better diversify its economy amid mounting tensions in the Indo-Pacific, the prime minister said.

Anthony Albanese has completed his two-day tour of Indonesia and declares that his first bilateral foreign visit as Prime Minister has been a success.

The prime minister returned home on Tuesday evening and landed in Darwin, after his trip to Jakarta and the eastern Indonesian city of Makassar.

He will meet with Northern Territory Chief Minister Natasha Fyles Wednesday morning to announce plans to launch NASA rockets into space from the top.

The Prime Minister will then travel to Sydney later in the day.

As Indonesia is expected to rank among the top five economies in the world, Mr Albanese said strengthening ties with the Asian nation is key.

“It is clearly in Australia’s interest to boost that investment,” he told reporters in Makassar.

“Australia ranks 13th on our list as a trading partner for Indonesia. It should be much higher.”

Albanian was the first Australian Prime Minister to visit Makassar, signaling that the country wants to expand its relationship with Indonesia beyond Jakarta and Bali.

The prime minister said he was looking for other regions of Indonesia on his next visit to the country.

During the visit, he promised to attend the G20 summit to be held in Bali in November, despite Russian President Vladimir Putin also attending.

Hosted by Indonesia, Mr Albanese said the summit was a great opportunity for the country.

He also pledged to broaden relations with ASEAN and pledged ties to the Indo-Pacific.

Despite previous federal governments also wanting to increase Indonesian opportunities, Mr. Albanese said the government was planning to take positive steps in the area.

“We have started to get it done, the presence here of not only myself, but also my ministers, business leaders, has sent a very clear message,” he said.

“We act to ensure that we maximize the economic opportunities of engagement in our region, as well as address the challenges that are here in our region.”

The prime minister also indicated that a delegation of representatives from Australian pension funds would visit Indonesia in the coming weeks to look at investment opportunities.

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