Police investigate suspicious package at Russian Embassy | The Canberra Times

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An investigation is underway outside the Russian Embassy after two suspicious packages were delivered to the Griffith site. By late afternoon, one had been declared harmless but scientists were still analyzing the second package. “The contents of one package will require further analysis while the contents of a second package was determined to be non-suspicious,” the police said. ACT Policing and emergency services were called to the embassy shortly after 10am following the report that the unknown packages had been found. At least one of the packages was believed to contain an unknown white powder. It is not thought that any explosive device – whether fake or real – was found. Police in hazmat suits had cornered off the area surrounding the embassy and were directing the public away. The cordon was removed at 3.30 am. Four large yellow emergency trucks with flashing blue and red lights were parked outside the embassy as investigations continued inside. In the central reservation, there was a host of police and ACT ambulance vehicles. Canberra Avenue was reduced to one lane of traffic heading out of the city towards Manuka. A police statement said: “An investigation into this matter is underway. “Anyone with any information that can assist police is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. ACT “Policing reminds the community that sending threatening or malicious material through the mail is an offense and will be investigated accordingly.” More to come.


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