Putin leads a wave of military and police exemptions…and the war in the background

According to the Russian newspaper “Pravda”, a presidential decree by Putin fired 5 generals in the army: Vasily Kukushkin, Alexander Lass, Andrei Lebelin, Alexander Odzovenko and Yuri Instrankin.

The waivers, announced last Monday, also include Colonel of the Russian Police, Emil Mosin.

A source from the Russian Interior Ministry confirmed what the newspaper reported about the recent layoffs, noting that this decision was made in the context of “the rotation of officials in posts”.

On the other hand, Western newspapers say the wave of layoffs is because the Russian army lost a large number of generals and senior officers in the war in Ukraine, which started on February 24.

Last May, former NATO official, retired Admiral James Stavridis, said that “in contemporary history there is no situation comparable to what is happening to the Russians) in terms of overall deaths. In Russia, in just two months we have completed the assassination seen on at least 10 generals.” †

In a similar vein, the British Ministry of Defense confirmed that Russia had suffered significant casualties among army officers, whether in small or medium ranks.

In an intelligence briefing last month, the ministry said a number of brigade and battalion commanders in the Russian army are making unsuccessful decisions on the battlefield in Ukraine because they perform their duties in a military system that is inflexible and inefficient.

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