Rainbow Six Siege launches on all platforms on May 14

sound rainbow six sig The down reports appeared on May 14 (May 15 for those in Asia), and it covers all platforms (PC, PlayStation, Xbox). Reports have surfaced from the community on various platforms and we are here to help regarding the server status and what about it.

Rainbow Six Siege Down status and updates for May 14 (May 15 for those in Asia):

Updating: Ubisoft has finally acknowledged the outage! Here’s the ad from Ubisoft Forums:

Welcome everyone. We are aware of an issue currently affecting connectivity and are working to resolve it. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Make sure to check this thread for future updates. Thank you.

The official Rainbow Six Siege server status page now also shows “unplanned outages” on all platforms!

We will update this article as more news comes out.

Here are some reports from the community:

Server down? of rainbow 6

(ps4) How can I get around this? I have tried restarting my PS4 or testing if my internet connection is working fine from rainbow 6

Ubisoft servers are like rainbow 6

Unfortunately, the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter Account and responsible Ubisoft Support Account You have not yet acknowledged a server outage. The only official confirmation we’ve gotten so far is from an Xbox support account that made the following announcement:

The official Rainbow Six Siege server status page also has a “no problem” flag for now, but we’ll see if things change. As before, if you can login, please share what platform you are on and where you play from.

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