Rapper SKG (Helecia Choyce) – The talented performer who became the first LA female rapper to perform at Coachella

Talented artist SKG (Born Helecia Choyce) has always incorporated much-needed fresh air into her music. Her music is a kind of diverse, intelligent and progressive sound that makes it all useful. The sound of SKG tracks has a strong and lively dynamic with a good production that makes her a very different artist. SKG started her career at a young age, signing with the infamous Deathrow Records.

From Deathrow records to Heineken Stage at Coachella. Rapper SKG (Helecia Choyce) becomes the first female Los Angeles rapper to sing at Coachella 2022, where she performed the opening set for Houston’s OG Ron C and the Chopstars.

This piece comes after SKG released her album “Unfinished Business” and many people have known SKG since she was signed to Deathrow Records and played on Tupac’s album “Until the End of Time” and Doggpound 2002.

It was SKG’s first time to perform at Coachella on the Heineken stage and she chose to sing her previously unreleased song “We Didn’t Know” with the talented singer Tabiyus Nah and the West Los Angeles Children’s Choir.

Recently, SKG released her album “Unfinished Business” featuring songs by Paul Wall, Dave East and Suga Free to name a few. She has worked for some of the best rap hits, but not only: she has a relationship with the film world and works as a producer who puts films on broadcast platforms like Hulu.

SKG lit up the Heineken Coachella stage with purple trousers embroidered with colored lights that set the stage for a great performance.

In addition, she also runs the advertising agency and has many exciting future projects, including upcoming movies and documentaries, which will be released on broadcast platforms soon. SKG is busy surpassing music and film as she is also the CEO of three companies. Currently, she is also focusing on writing and producing her own TV show, ‘Girlfriends and Champagne’.

Many supporters also took to Instagram for SKG performances, calling it encouraging given the artist’s journey away from making her presence felt in the music industry.

SKG said: “I have really enjoyed my work and experience and I would like to thank “OG Ron C” for allowing me to play on the Heineken stage. I suggest that all artists who want to learn about stage presence come to Coachella and I can can’t wait to come back next year and sing on stage again.”

SKG also visited the Neon Carnival and the Rolling Stone pool party.

For more information about SKG go to-

Website – www.HeleciaChoyce.com

Instagram – @heleciachoyce

Twitter- @heleiac

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