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Vaughn Gurganian

Charlie LeDuff is back in Detroit.

Reporter Charlie LeDuff returns to The Detroit Newsaccording to an email sent to the newspaper’s paid subscribers ahead of a larger public announcement scheduled for Sunday.

LeDuff previously wrote for The Detroit News from 2007-2010, after a period at The New York Times, where he won a Pulitzer Prize for his 2000 contribution to a 10-part series called “How race is live in America.” In it, LeDuff covered race relations in North Carolina by embedding himself as an employee for a story titled “In a slaughterhouse, some things never die.”

After discharge from The Detroit NewsLeDuff switched to television and reported for WJBK Fox 2. There he gleefully shattered the conventions of local TV news, performing stunts like taking a bubble bath while waiting for police to respond to an emergency call to show how long the response times had entered the city. (A GQ magazine profile surmised that the clip was “probably the only segment in local network news history where producers on the station had to pixelate a reporter’s balls.”) At Fox, Leduff also launched The Americansa series that aired nationally to Fox stations.

But in 2016, LeDuff quit his job again, worked as a handyman on Detroit’s Coney Island, and wrote a book, 2018’s Sh*t show! The country is collapsing… and the ratings are amazing

Since 2018 he is a regular columnist for: Deadline Detroit and host of the 910 AM radio show The No BS News Hour with co-host Karen Dumas, a former aide to Detroit Mayor Dave Bing.

Apparently LeDuff and Dumas are a package deal. According to the email, she also goes to The Detroit News as a columnist. Hers comes out on Tuesday, while LeDuff’s comes out on Wednesday.

Dumas also worked as a columnist for the Michigan Chronicle and radio host on 910 AM.

“A column of good opinion challenges conventional wisdom, is thought-provoking and offers a different point of view.” Detroit News editor Gary Miles wrote in the new hires email announcement. “I’m confident they will.”

an editor at Deadline Detroit says LeDuff will continue to contribute to the website.

LeDuff reveals why he left The Detroit News in his book from 2013 Detroit: An American Autopsywriting that he had become disenchanted working at the newspaper.

“American newspapers were yellow and old before they came off the press,” LeDuff wrote. “Through dwindling readership, financial losses and partisan attacks, editors had stripped them of their personality in an effort not to offend anyone. So there was no need to read them anymore. Safety for truth. Grammar before guts. Winners for losers. ”

Let’s just hope the second round at the newspaper goes better.

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