Rocker Shavo Odadjian Brings New Strains Of Concentrates To Phoenix Skate Event

Earlier in the year, if you were too busy dabbing, skateboarding, or both — and missed the opportunity to air-guitar A Down’s System “BYOB” bass line played by Shavo Odadjian at the Footprint Center in Phoenix – it’s OK.

You may get a second chance to show your skills to him in person at The Churchill in downtown Phoenix on June 21. And if you’re lucky, you can get coveted pharmacy coupons for Odadjian’s new line of 22Red concentrates.

Odadjian, a founding member of the Grammy-winning heavy metal band, comes to the open-air food court venue with his Cowtown Skateboards buddies to commemorate Go Skate Day at a street skating rink. They’re also celebrating the launch of the bassist’s four new strains in bath and sauce forms.

Carlos Soltero, former skateboarder and current budtender at Cannabist Tempe, recently scored and dabbed the rock star’s new 22Red concentrates.

“On the Shred 22, I’m pretty sure it’s more like an almost sour diesel,” he said Phoenix New Times† “And right when you pop it open, it’s super gassy, ​​like you really reeked of that real diesel. I felt like as soon as I exhaled, my brain clicked right away. It really made me, like, just get up and want to go .”

Soltero, 32, has been using cannabis since high school and has worked in the industry for seven years. He approved Shred 22, the 9/10 sativa-dominant hybrid bather for mature consumers on the move. “If you could maybe take a smaller dab in one of those little portable dab pens, just roll a ball, drop it in the elevator and hit it a few times. I really feel like Shred 22 would do be perfect, actually.”

“I like to call it getting the zoomies out,” he continued.

Shred 22 is widely known for “its effervescent and motivational effects,” the brand praises.

click to enlarge About the Portuguese Kush sauce, Carlos Soltero of Cannabist Tempe says: "Once you pop it open, super aromatic, it's real terpie.  I got a lot of citrusy, sweet, peppery notes from it." - COURTESY OF 22RED

About the Portuguese Kush sauce, Carlos Soltero of Cannabist Tempe says: “As soon as you open it, super aromatic, it’s really terpie. I get a lot of citrusy sweet little peppery notes from it.”

Thanks to 22Red

Soltero also tried the Portuguese Kush sauce, a slightly sativa-inspired strain.

“As soon as you open it, it’s super aromatic, it’s really terpie. I get a lot of citrusy sweet little peppery notes from it,” explains Soltero. “I think it’s one of those more exotic flavors where you smell, and you’re like a bunch of crazy fruits to the mind. The high was euphoric, really cerebral; I felt it put me in a nice, happy place with a nice, little roasted body.”

There are two other strains that System of a Down’s bass guitarist has just launched, the third being Papago Punch, a badder made from exotic purple strains – including Modified Grapes, Grape Milkshake, and Purple Apricot. The fourth is K9, a sauce that 22Red says is a take on the “classic Maui Wowee. K9 is a potent blend of Triangle Kush and Josh D OG! With lots of bark and an aggressive bite.”

Soltero said he will wait a little longer to try out the remaining two varieties.

It’s unclear if 22Red will have its jars packed with 1 gram of concentrate at the location, but as previously mentioned, it will issue limited pharmacy kickback coupons.

The Churchill site, built from shipping containers, has 10 businesses; two of them are shops. It also has four restaurants, two bars and a wine shop if you get peckish or thirsty.

There will be tons of high-flying skateboarding action, live music and limited edition merchandise for the local hypebeasts.

The Churchill is located at 901 North First Street in downtown Phoenix, just south of Interstate 10. The free street-culture bash on June 21 will be held from 5 to 10 p.m.

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