Russia fines Google for spreading lies

And the Russian news agency TASS reported that the value of the fine imposed on Google, owned by Alphabet, was four million rubles, which is equivalent to about $50,000.

The Russian communications regulator said earlier this month it was taking steps to punish Google for “spreading lies” on YouTube, and had previously warned the US company it would face a fine if it failed to follow the rules, Reuters reported.

Parallel to the raging conflict between the West and Russia over the Ukrainian war, a battle is raging on social media when a court in the Russian capital decided last month to block the “Facebook” and “Instagram” applications owned by by Meta, after accusing it of “extremism.”

According to the court ruling, the ban on “Meta” imposed in Russia does not apply to the “WhatsApp” application.

According to prosecutors, the two platforms ignored requests to remove fake photos about Russian forces’ special operation in Ukraine, and also refused to remove invitations to unauthorized meetings.

Russian prosecutors explained that “extremist information published on the two platforms poses a threat to individuals and society as a whole”, noting that the owner company “broke its rules by publishing calls to kill members of the Russian military.” allow killing.”

In the opinion of observers and digital experts, the series of chapters of the war of social media platforms between Russia and the West is about battlefield social networks, mutual rivalry and incitement, rather than what is supposed to be humanitarian and global platforms that promote ethnic, transcend religious and sectarian differences.

Russia is facing the war of communication platforms with its “VKontakte” platform, which reached the highest usage in Russia in 2021, according to the international consumer statistics site “Statista”, as it accounts for 73 percent of the country’s social media platform users.

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